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July 30, 2010 / FamilyFacts

Get Organized for Summer Send-Off; Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute!

Getting your kids ready for camp or a teen program should be fun, but sometimes scheduling doctors appointments, filling out forms, shopping, packing, shipping and planning for visiting day can leave even the most organized family feeling like they need a vacation.

Here are some helpful tips to make getting ready stress-free:

  • Make appointments with doctors’ and dentists now
  • Apply for your child’s passport now if he/she is going abroad. For passport questions visit the National Passport Information Center
  • Plan a fun family vacation around visiting day
  • Keep your camp shopping list with you at all times

Keep in mind that if you are too busy to get it all done in time, there are summer planning experts ready willing and able to help you with shopping, organizing, packing, trip planning and more.

For more information contact:

Jill Tipograph, Director
Everything Summer

July 28, 2010 / FamilyFacts

Most Common Excuse for Not Being Organized

Make time for organization.

The most common excuse for not being organized is not having enough time.

Those who are organized have more time to focus on important tasks and do the things they enjoy the most. Making time to get organized should be a number one priority for everyone in your family. The results can simplify many aspects of your family life.

The good news is that organization is a skill that can be learned, not a character trait that you are born with (or without)! Once you learn some basic organizing principles, it becomes easier to get organized, stay organized and simplify your life.

This is especially important for those of you with children at home because as parents, we are role models for our children. Our kids observe and copy us without our even realizing it. Raising your kids in an organized home that runs smoothly, teaches them the benefits of being organized and the skills that will take them successfully into adulthood.

Here are some tips to help you get organized:

  1. Get Organized The Night Before–If your bag isn’t packed and ready the night before, your whole day can be affected from the morning scramble. You’re off to a much better start to your day, if you’re able to grab your things and walk out the door without having to stop and look for sunglasses or swim goggles.
  2. Plan Out Your Day–Each day is like a container that can only fit so many things. Choosing what’s most important forces you to focus on your priorities before you run out of time, which can happen if you’re not realistic about how long things take. The minute you get real about your time, all the psychology of how hard it is to say “no” melts away.
  3. Write Information Down–Writing information down relieves the stress that comes from trying to remember obligations, activities, shopping lists, appointments, to-do’s and more. It can also provide peace of mind. Imagine never again forgetting where you’re supposed to be, when you don’t need to prepare lunch for your camper, who’s call you should be returning, or how much you gave to charity last year. What a pleasure during tax time to have your records in order.
  4. Keep Important Information In A Central Location–Using a single system to hold information saves time when figuring out where to store information when you get it, and more importantly, where to locate important information when you need it.

Getting organized is a process, not a destination. Like laundry, there’s always the next load and you are never completely finished. An organizational system that works for you and your family may take time to figure out, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Whether it’s staying on top of busy schedules or daily chores, once you have a working system, it’s very important to incorporate that [working] system into your every day life.

A good Nutritionist will tell you that it’s better to adapt your lifestyle to a healthier way of eating, rather than go “on” and “off” a diet. Likewise, any Professional Organizer will confirm that being organized is a way of life and not an “on-again, off-again” thing. So, just as exercising and drinking water are some ways to stay healthy, getting organized the night before, planning out your day, writing some things down and keeping information together in a central location are really good ways for everyone to live a happier, less stressful, and more productive life.

July 27, 2010 / FamilyFacts

Meet the Founder of Family Facts

Pam Schiller Socolow has been developing organizational systems for the past 14 years. She started her career as a media planner at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide in New York, where she designed and implemented multi-media plans for Fortune 50 companies. Later she helped create and manage the media department at Elizabeth Arden, Inc. where she developed systems for ordering, trafficking and invoicing multi-media advertising plans.

In 1998, Ms. Socolow launched a media planning and buying company with clients in fashion, retail, packaged goods, business-to-business, and e-commerce. While juggling her busy work life as a business owner, and her family life as a wife and mother, Pam realized that she needed a better organizational system for her own family and started the development of what is now the Family Life Organizer & Planner. This led to a complete line of organizational products now offered under the Family Facts brand.